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STEK Automotive's FORMULA was born from the desire to have a line of exceptional and professional Paint Protection Film (PPF) maintenance products. Automotive Paint Protection Film preserves the quality of your vehicle's paint by reducing the risk of multiple debris and contaminants that may damage the vehicle's paint.

We are revolutionizing the Paint Protection Film Industry as experts in manufacturing techniques that have generated proven top coat and adhesive technologies. Our proprietary STEK FORMULA solutions are derived from our deep knowledge of unique films, adhesives, and topcoat properties and how they interact with one another.

Safely cleans all interiors
Anti-static & dust-resistant
Intensive UV protection

STEK FORMULA INTERIOR was specially designed to clean virtually every surface of your vehicle’s interior. Our solution contains UV blocking agents to prevent fading and cracking in areas prone to heavy sun exposure. Anti-static components also help prevent dust buildup, keeping the interior clean for a longer period of time. The formula disinfects while cleaning, leaving behind a smooth OEM finish—and never any film, residue, or spots.  

Leather cleaner
Made with natural oils
Does not stain

STEK FORMULA LEATHER is a gentle cleanser that removes dirt, oil, grease, and light stains from all types of leather surfaces. It penetrates deep into the pores, removing every trace of the  buildup that leaves leather looking artificial and glossy. Unlike synthetic products, our formula is made from all-natural oils that won’t leave any stains or uneven finishes. 

Leather conditioner
Nourishes with vitamin E
Prevents cracking & fading

STEK FORMULA LOTION conditions and restores all leather surfaces. Enriched with Vitamin E for its hydrating and nourishing properties, it leaves leather feeling supple and smooth. UV blocking agents ensure maximum protection against cracking and fading. 

All-purpose cleaner
High concentration

STEK FORMULA APC is a versatile, all-purpose cleaner for every part of your vehicle, be it the engine bay, interior, exterior, or undercarriage. Our unique, fast-acting formula deeply penetrates and breaks down oil, dirt, and stains for quick removal. Safe and gentle for all surfaces, this is a must-have item for both detailing professionals and enthusiasts. 

Car foam shampoo
Superior long-lasting foam
Safe for LSP & PPF

STEK FORMULA FOAM is an ultra-refined shampoo designed to produce the thickest, stickiest foam to effortlessly remove contaminants. Powerful hyper-surfactants lift grime and dirt from the surface, trapping them inside bubbles that  glide off the car after an easy rinse. Its pH balance makes it safe to use on your protective sealant or wax layer. STEK Formula Foam can be used with wash buckets, foam guns, or foam cannons. 

Car shampoo
Highly concentrated, rich suds 
Safe for LSP & PPF

STEK FORMULA SHAMPOO is an effective, highly-concentrated solution that delivers superior cleaning power and shine after a simple wash. Our unique formula generates concentrated, thick suds that effortlessly lift dirt and contamination away from the vehicle’s exterior, leaving behind a spotlessly clean, slick surface with zero residue. Its pH balance also ensures that it is safe to use on waxes, sealants, and coatings.

Removes bug & bird droppings
Works on glass & paint
Nontoxic & biodegradable

STEK FORMULA BUG breaks down heavy bug and bird contamination, defending your paint surface against permanent damage. If left alone, the highly corrosive substances within these contaminants can eat away at your paintwork. Our proprietary formula contains specialized agents that break down proteins found in these substances, fully eliminating them from painted surfaces. Safe to use on clear coats, our fast-acting solution eliminates the need for harsh scrubbing, reducing the risk of leaving behind scratches and swirl marks.

Cleaner for tar & adhesive residue
Quick & easy
Safe for clear coats

STEK FORMULA TAR & ADHESIVE breaks down stubborn tar residue and heavy grime, protecting  paintwork from permanent damage. Our unique formula is safe to use on clear coats, and may also be used as an adhesive remover. Thanks to our solution’s fast-acting properties, you can gently wipe away contaminants or adhesives without any harsh scrubbing. This reduces the risk of leaving behind scratches and swirl marks. 

Iron remover
Contains anti-rust agents

STEK FORMULA IRON eliminates hard-to-remove iron deposits and brake dust, neutralizing any corrosive agents that could permanently damage your vehicle. Without proper care, these metal contaminants can leave behind heavy rust, scratches, and swirls. Our fast-acting formula, which turns violet once the reaction is completed, is safe to use on wheels and painted surfaces thanks to its pH balance.

Multipurpose lubricant
Maximum slickness
High concentration 

STEK FORMULA LUBE is a super slick lubricant designed to maximize clay bar performance by removing contaminants from the vehicle’s surface. Specially designed to work with both traditional clay bars and synthetic rubber substitutes, our formula prevents dissolution and breakage during use. It also ensures a smooth glide during the claying process, preventing unnecessary paint scratches that result from a tacky surface. STEK Formula Lube may also be used as a polishing pad conditioner. 

Oil remover
Effective surface prep

STEK FORMULA PURE dissolves and removes embedded sealants, waxes, polishing compounds, and other oily residues, leaving behind an impossibly pure surface. The IPA-free solution inhibits the spread of loose oils around the paint, and may also be used as a streak-free glass cleaner. Ensuring a maximum bond between the LSP and the vehicle’s surface, our proprietary formula eliminates all traces of residue and chemicals, making it the perfect product to use before PPF installation. 

Wheel-cleaning gel
Contains iron remover

STEK FORMULA WHEEL is a powerful, pH-balanced cleaner that restores any wheel to a clean, bright shine. Safe for all wheel types, our unique, viscous gel lifts all contaminants away from the surface, leaving behind a smooth, restored finish. Our formula also includes a highly effective iron remover that neutralizes contaminant buildup deep within the wheel and wheel well. 

Multipurpose dress-up coat
With UV protection

STEK FORMULA DRESSING restores plastic trim, rubber tires, and vinyl accessories to a like-new appearance. Our water-based formula never stains or damages, and its powerful UV-protection factors block harmful rays that cause fading and discoloration. This easy-to-use solution spreads evenly and dries quickly, leaving a smooth shine and deep gloss.

Paintwork cleanser
Cleans, glazes, & waxes
Hydrophobic & non-abrasive
Safe for PPF

STEK FORMULA FUSION is an all-in-one enhanced paintwork cleanser, glaze, and hydrophobic coating. Free of harsh abrasives and solvents,  it restores depth and clarity to the vehicle’s paintwork by removing contaminants, oxidation, light water spots, and hairline scratches. Our proprietary formula also adds a hydrophobic coat to the vehicle, resulting in excellent water repellency. It may also be used on PPF to remove contaminants and restore its original shine.  

Glass cleaner

STEK FORMULA GLASS impeccably cleans and restores clarity to glass, mirrors, and clear plastics. IPA- and ammonia-free, our solution may also be used on window films of all types. This unique blend prevents the glass from oxidizing and leaves zero streaks or spots in the process.