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The last step of protection.

FORMULA QUARTZ is a coating that protects the surface by penetrating directly into the clear coat layer of the vehicle’s paint. It will be fully attached to the surface of the vehicle through chemical interactions to ensure maximum longevity.



Protects against contaminants

FORMULA QUARTZ effectively shields against damage from abrasion, chemicals, and other unwanted substances.


Preserves color and gloss

FORMULA QUARTZ deepens the color of your original paintwork and improves its natural gloss.


Hydrophobic, self-cleaning properties

Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, FORMULA QUARTZ offers excellent water repellency and resistance to water. As a self-cleaning coating, FORMULA QUARTZ also allows easy cleaning of your car.


Durable molecular-level bonds

Instead of simply forming a layer on the vehicle surface, FORMULA QUARTZ directly infuses with the top coating of the paint. This ensures maximum longevity.

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