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PPF Care

STEK Automotive's FORMULA was born from the desire to have a line of exceptional and professional Paint Protection Film (PPF) maintenance products. Automotive Paint Protection Film preserves the quality of your vehicle's paint by reducing the risk of multiple debris and contaminants that may damage the vehicle's paint.

We are revolutionizing the Paint Protection Film Industry as experts in manufacturing techniques that have generated proven top coat and adhesive technologies. Our proprietary STEK FORMULA solutions are derived from our deep knowledge of unique films, adhesives, and topcoat properties and how they interact with one another.

Paintwork cleanser
Cleans, glazes, & waxes
Hydrophobic & non-abrasive
Safe for PPF

STEK FORMULA FUSION is an all-in-one enhanced paintwork cleanser, glaze, and hydrophobic coating. Free of harsh abrasives and solvents,  it restores depth and clarity to the vehicle’s paintwork by removing contaminants, oxidation, light water spots, and hairline scratches. Our proprietary formula also adds a hydrophobic coat to the vehicle, resulting in excellent water repellency. It may also be used on PPF to remove contaminants and restore its original shine.  

Quick detailer
With UV protection
For wet & dry use

STEK FORMULA FINISH is the ultimate quick detailer designed to add maximum shine and advanced layers of protection to your paintwork. Nano-polymers work to shield the paint against harmful UV rays while acting as a protective sealant. Our proprietary formula also adds a hydrophobic coat to your vehicle, resulting in excellent water repellency. Used wet or dry, this QD  provides the perfect finishing touch to any vehicle. This formula is also safe to use on PPF, with its extra coating effectively maintaining shine and gloss. 

Automotive film mounting solution
Slip-fitting concentration
Anti-static & dust-resistant

STEK FORMULA SLIP-TAC is a film-mounting solution that utilizes surfactants combined with proper pH to lower surface tension. SLIP-TAC was specifically designed to ensure easy positioning while securing the film onto the surface, which also allows for the curing process to take place without compromising the film’s adhesive.

Adhesive promoter
Strengthens bonds up to 300%
For self-adhering films & decals

STEK FORMULA PRIMER is a super-strong adhesive promoter designed to increase film tack by 300%. It ensures a powerful bond on edges, contours, and other hard-to-lay areas, considerably reducing installation time. Our water-based solution is easily removed with water or alcohol.