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Our response to COVID-19



Protection has always been our mission—and in this current emergency, we’re determined to do more than our part.

That’s why we’re doing everything we can to help those affected across the globe. We’ve maximized our resources and formed new partnerships to provide multiple forms of relief, from distributing COVID-19 test kits to developing antimicrobial products. And, of course, as we continue to produce solutions and expand our reach, we’re determined to uphold our core values:


Because we’re committed to keeping you safe: no matter who you are or where you go.


Antimicrobial Films




Employing the latest antimicrobial technologies, we’ve developed Tactigard: a powerful protective film to help mitigate the spread of infectious disease. Containing both silver and copper particles, our metallized film releases ions that kill more than 99% of common pathogens. Tactigard is applicable on both flat and curved surfaces, allowing it to protect an extensive range of facilities and environments—keeping you safe, whatever you touch.



Meet Clarivale, our glossy screen protection film with outstanding antimicrobial properties. Applicable on touchscreens, glass doors, and other high-contact surfaces, Clarivale offers both crystal clarity and exceptional contamination resistance. Proven to kill 99% of disease-causing microorganisms like E. coli and MRSA, our hydrophobic plastic film also retains its antimicrobial properties indefinitely so long as it is properly maintained, making it the perfect long-term solution for your protective needs.





You may be protected. But what about everything you touch?

Stay safe with X-Glare, our premium anti-glare and antimicrobial film. Scratch-free and anti-fingerprint, X-Glare offers the optimal user experience by keeping screens perfectly smooth to the touch. Our film is applicable to screens of all kinds, neutralizing common hotbeds for disease. Perfect for use in public places such as schools and hospitals, our versatile plastic film retains its antimicrobial properties as long as it is properly cleaned—keeping the germs away for years and years.

X-Glare: Protecting your health, one surface at a time.





Our premium PPF for both vehicle interiors and exteriors, COVAX eliminates dangerous pathogens with its antimicrobial, self-healing top coating. In addition to its extreme contamination resistance, our nonmetal film also features super hydrophobic properties, effectively guarding against damage and wear. Installable on flat and curved surfaces, COVAX boasts powerful, versatile protection against both environmental contaminants and disease.



Countless Applications





Public Spaces.PNG

Innovation + Protection = Creation

New partnerships. Endless possibilities.


STEK x COVID-19 Test Kits

We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with SolGent and LabGenomics, two of the largest and most reputable molecular diagnostics companies in the world. These leading developers have produced a broad range of molecular diagnostics technologies, from research reagents to molecular kits—including test kits for the detection of COVID-19.

As a real-time, one-step RT-PCR assay basis system, one test kit provides results in just two hours, making it an invaluable resource in flattening the curve. Having gained access to both companies’ inventories, we plan to distribute these test kits to those in need across the globe, at minimal cost. 



PPE Shield

With PPE Shield, stay protected from whatever comes your way. Designed to block dust, debris, and the spray of fluids, our face shields allow for a variety of applications, including use during cleaning, construction, food service, and healthcare work. Featuring a foam headband and flexible PET material, PPE Shield offers maximum comfort for long-term wear, as well as anti-fog sides for lasting clarity.

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