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      1. What is STEKSHIELD?

      STEKSHIELD is a digital experience platform (DXP) to provide a better and more convenient service to our customers.

      2. What can you do on STEKSHIELD?

      • Participate in Forums and Groups to communicate and share know-how with others
      • Grow the Knowledge Base by sharing useful information others may need
      • Get latest products launch news and official announcements
      • Create a mini shop profile for car owners to see via http://www.stekautomotive.com
        • Upload your shop image and basic details
        • Upload your product services and prices
        • Upload a blog or timeline post of your latest installations for customers to see
        • Upload your shop location to the Global STEK Installer Locator
      • Download latest product files and printable marketing materials
      • Share local events to the STEK Calendar
      • Get access to monthly Social Media post templates via the Social Media Calendar
      • and so much more!

      3. Who is it for?

      STEKSHIELD is for everyone involved with STEK. Everyone can participate to make the DXP a fuller, more premium, and beneficial place.

      4. How can you get access to STEKSHIELD?

      Access STEKSHIELD by typing http://www.stekshield.com or http://www.stekautomotive.com/stekshield/ on your browser. You can start using STEKSHIELD immediately if you are a STEK distributor or an authorized STEK installer. You can create a new account to use on STEKSHIELD by either getting an invitation from a distributor or using the join page.

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