DYNOshift-Green, More Premium For Less Money

Hi everyone!

How much are your customers willing to pay to have their vehicles repainted? And how much are they willing to pay to have something almost unique on the street?
A select group of customers are really willing to have something different in their vehicles, even if it means an investment that costs almost the same amount as another car.

This is the case of the Porsche that offers a color option that costs practically the value of another Porsche: The Python Green Chromaflair color. This customization option costs almost USD 100,000 and Porsche makes only a few units with this option available per year.

STEK is always aware to the market needs and also to colors that we understand could offer a premium touch to our customers’ vehicles. With that in mind, we developed DYNOshift-Green, which is STEK’s version of Python Green Chromaflair. And what’s the difference?

Compared with automotive paint, STEK’s PSF (Protective Styling Film) range has an unparalleled sharpness. The depth of coloring of the films offers a result and softness far superior to that of traditional automotive paint. Not to mention that STEK films have self-healing and hydrophobia adding even more added value to the film.

On the top of that we have a decision factor in favor of DYNOshift-green: Price
By Installing DYNOshift-green or other PSF from STEK you will be adding better quality, better look, unique features like hydrophobia and self-healing, installation time saving and what can bring more customers to choose this option: Price.

Once again STEK is bringing business opportunities to our partners with clear commercial advantages and cutting edge quality.

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