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Porsche Ferrari 488

June 2, 2021 @ All Day – Porsche Ferrari 488 Post Information PLATFORM Instagram/Facebook MEDIA [DOWNLOAD] CAPTION A power car gets more power! This Ferrari 488 spider is packed with detailing! Windows and windscreen tinted and protected with STEK’s ACTION Safety window film. A film that features shatterproof technology within its two-ply structure, effectively preventing broken-glass injuries! The roof decked out with […]

STEK Russia Detailer Day Expo

June 3, 2021 @ All Day – Title: STEK Russia Detailer Day Expo Platform: Instagram Media: [DOWNLOAD] Caption: Here’s a peek from another successful event by STEK Russia in Detailer Day Expo! Featuring our new and upcoming products, and our car care line! We are so excited to have these kinds of events in the future. Tag: @stekrussia Hashtag: #STEKRevolution

DYNOprism Tesla

June 4, 2021 @ All Day – Title: DYNOprism Tesla Platform: Instagram Media: [DOWNLOAD] Caption: Take your car paint to the next level with DYNOprism! It boasts one of the highest gloss values among all of our paint protection films. With its unique coloration, it changes color according to the angle and lighting! Hashtag: #STEKrevolution #ppf #dynoprism #tesla #stekrevolution #stek #stekppf #stekshield […]

DYNOflex Launch

June 7, 2021 @ All Day – Dear Distributors, On Monday, June 7th, we will be announcing DYNOflex on STEK HQ’s social media platforms. We want you to join us on this exciting announcement by releasing the same content on the 7th. We want to have a synchronized voice across STEK’s social media accounts and share the same message about DYNOflex to […]

DYNOflex (Installers)

June 7, 2021 @ All Day – Title: DYNOflex (Installers) Platform: Instagram/Facebook Media: [DOWNLOAD] Caption: DYNOflex reinvented installation and windshield protection. DYNOflex enables you to do more installations in less time and without the need for a heat gun. You will be saving time and money in an instant. DYNOflex features the fastest installation process on the market and has drivers on […]