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    2022-03-30 at
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    We are planning to build STEK training center in our shop.

    We will train all dealers from Philippines.

    Location is very close from airport, so maybe can send all dealers from ASIA to train.

    Also, we can send Master Installer to conduct program.

    Not only for training space, we also have a plan to make a place which can strengthen information about STEK in this place.

    Before we build a STEK training center, We have some request.

    1. Do you have any guide or reference for education center & display space?

    2. STEK HQ can support any materials for this?


    Center space


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    2022-03-30 at
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    Thank you for inquiring in advance.

    We always thought we needed interior guidelines.

    There is no perfect guideline at the moment, but it would be good to make a guideline together through this opportunity.

    We will share reference images and materials, so please let us know if you need more.

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