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DYNOchrome series is STEK’s state-of-the-art PPF that perfectly captures the mirror-like looks of chrome finish. The amazing metallic luster of the film is also protected by the excellent self-healing and hydrophobic top coat, so your vehicle can look fresh and clean without any scratches for a long time.


forged_carbon @ 4x

Chrome Finish

DYNOchrome incorporates special materials and technology that gives the film a striking chrome finish unmatched by any other aftermarket chrome options.

疎水性ホワイト@ 4x


DYNOchrome’s top coating allows water, dust, debris, and other elements less likely to stick on your vehicle’s surface, making it easier to clean.

self-healing_white @ 4x


DYNOchrome boasts super self-healing properties, effectively shielding against swirl marks, surface-level nicks, and scratches.

汚染防止_white @ 4x


Using STEK’s innovative TPU technology, DYNOchrome protects your vehicle against dents, rock chips, and other impact damages.

Built to last.

DYNOchrome クラック、黄変、バブル、汚染に対して10年間保証します。




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