What is the guaranteed lifetime of STEK PPFs?

In general, Our DYNO series films have 10-year limited warranties while our EFFECT series films have 5-year limited warranties. Our Light Protection Films have 7-year limitied warranties.

For more information, please check our warranties in our Resources Folder.

What types of PPF do you have?

STEK PPFs offer Clear, Colored, and Patterned Paint Protection Films. For each type, we offer films with different properties and style that can suit different preferences. Please check our catalogues for our full PPF line-up.

Will STEK PPFs Yellow over time?

STEK PPFs are warranted for up to 10 years against yellowing. For more information, please check our PPFs warranty card.

What are the differences between clear/glossy and matte films?

STEK’s clear PPFs provide transparent or translucent protection to your paint surface, allowing its color to show through the film. Our glossy films are made to maintain or improve the glossiness of your paint while improving the color payoff. We also offer matte films that transform your surface with a matte finish.

What is DYNOprism?

DYNOprism is made with a metal-like finish that provides a unique coloration constantly changing according to your viewing angle and lighting. Made with our innovative DYNO technology, DYNOprism gives you outstanding protection in style.

How Deep of a Scratch Can STEK Films still Heal?

STEK films are made with different levels of self-healing. For most of our clear films, scratches will heal so as long as the scratches do not penetrate the self-healing layer.

Can STEK PPFs Be Installed On Boats And Other Watercraft?

Yes. STEK PPFs can be used on boats or ships. However, since usage conditions are different from automotive vehicles, the warranty needs to be reviewed. Please contact your Sales Representative for more details.

Can STEK PPFs be Installed On My Airplane Or Aircraft?

Due to strict rules and regulations on aircrafts, especially with weight and balance, we recommend to consult with your customer’s aircraft’s manufacturer and local laws to determine if you can apply PPFs.

Can STEK PPFs be installed over vinyl?

Yes, you may install STEK PPFs over vinyl. However, proper installation techniques are required for hard edges as air can be trapped along these edges. We recommend waiting 48 hours after the vinyl’s installation to install the PPF. However, please check the vinyl’s care manual for more information.

Can STEK PPFs be installed over head and fog lights?

Yes. Our clear PPFs can be installed on head and fog lights. However, we recommend installing our Light Protection Films, specially made for head and fog lights.

For more information, please check out our Light Protection Films’ Page and contact your local distributor or Sales Representative.

Can STEK PPFs be installed over touched-up paint?

Yes. However, touched-up parts should be colored-sanded smooth and properly buffed before PPF application.

Can STEK PPFs be installed on the interior panels of my car?

Yes. You can install PPFs to any smooth surface. However, care should be taken with installation around electronic devices when installing wet.

Can STEK PPFs be installed on a brand new car?

Yes. Cars leave the assembly line with fully cured paint and should have no issues with PPF installations.

What can I use to clean STEK PPFs?

You may clean the PPFs surface using STEK’s SHAMPOO and FOAM. FUSION may also be used to clean and provide a hydrophobic coat to the surface. To remove stubborn stains, you may use isopropyl alcohol.

For more information, please refer to STEK’s PPFs warranties.

There are some scratches on the STEK film on my car. Will these self heal?

The self-healing top coat of most STEK films are made to self-heal light scratches. Once scratches are deep enough to penetrate this top coat, the coat will not self-heal.

What happens if I scratch STEK films?

STEK has formulated our self-healing top coating to heal light scratches. This is possible due to our special polymer top coat fomulation that “re-arrange” by “flowing” and filling in the scratches as if nothing happened.

Proper care and maintenance is necessary to maintain this self-healing property.

Can I reuse STEK PPF films?

No. The films are not reusable.

Can STEK PPFs warranty be transferred to another owner?

No. STEK’s warranties are non-transferrable.

Can STEK PPFs be installed on aluminum or brushed metal?

PPFs can be generally installed on smooth or brushed metal. However, care should be taken when using wet installation methods. The installation fluid must be removed as much as possible during application, or unwanted rusting may occur.

Can STEK PPFs be applied to any surface (Chrome, Carbon, Brand Sign, etc.)?

Yes! PPFs can be applied to most surfaces. Just make sure that they are properly prepared before the installation.

What polish should I use on STEK PPFs?

STEK offers FUSION, our all-in-one cleaner, glaze, and hydrophobic coating. We recommend applying FUSION after installing our films to provide protection for your PPFs. We also recommend applying FINISH after FUSION for maximum performance.

How do I maintain STEK PPFs?

Proper maintenance and care is needed to maintain your film’s protective properties.

After installation, we recommend applying FUSION to provide your surface with additional protection and hydrophobicity.

STEK has FOAM and SHAMPOO to wash any dirt, grime and other contaminants on the surface.

For further maintenance and care instructions, please refer to our PPFs warranty

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