Do STEK Window Films have warranties?

Yes, STEK Window Films have warranties. Please check our WF Warranties pages for more information.

Does STEK have commercial window films?

STEK is currently preparing to launch our commercial window films. Please stay tuned for this!

Why should I choose STEK over other window films?

STEK has created a wide variety of window films that caters to any need of our customers. But all our window films are made with innovative technologies that pushes the limits of great protective properties at a good price point.

All STEK Window films are made to be block more than 99% of UV rays, protecting you against skin damage such as skin cancer, and your items from fading. Our films are also made with outstanding optical PET technology that makes our films easier to shink and form, making installation easier for our installation.

Will my STEK window film bubble, fade, or turn purple?

No. STEK window films are made not to purple or bubble. STEK’s film technology and dye chemistries ensure that our films do not discolor over time and have more stable properties.

Why are STEK’s lighter films more expensive?

STEK’s darker films uses carbon to provide both shade/tint and heat rejection properties. Since lighter films cannot use carbon, more ceramic is added to the film to compensate for the heat rejection properties. This makes the lighter films more expensive as ceramic is more expensive than carbon.