Protective Styling Film

Stand out,
blend not.

Standing out.

Embody that strong personality with our DYNOcamo-gray Protective Styling Film. There’s no other like this striking pattern in the market. It looks good on all cars, from sedans to big trucks. With its 3D-like reflective design, you are sure to stand out and grab anyone’s attention on the road. Most of the camouflage pattern in the market are vinyl and offers no protection for your car.

DYNOcamo-gray unites the durability of a PPF and the uniqueness in vinyl designs giving your vehicle the personality and protection it deserves. It boasts outstanding impact resistance and hydrophobic properties that will keep your car stylish and protected on the road.



3D Camo Pattern

DYNOcamo-gray is a pattern like no other. With its reflective properties, it stands out compared to the flat patterns in the market. You are sure to have a unique pattern and personality for your car.



DYNOcamo-gray protects your car with a water-repellent technology film that makes it easier to clean.



DYNOcamo-gray has self-healing properties, effectively shielding against swirl marks, surface-level nicks, and scratches.


Damage Resistance

Using STEK’s innovative TPU technology, DYNOcamo-gray protects your car against dents, rock chips, and other impact damages.

Built to last.

DYNOcamo-gray carries a 10-year warranty against delamination, yellowing, bubbling, and cracking.

10-Year Warranty

STEK’s product are SGS certified and ensured that we only provide premium and quality products that are built to last.


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