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More than protection.

DYNOmight was developed with strength, and durability in mind. No more two-layer of films just to get that extra protection. One of our thickest films that provides EXTRA protection.

Hydrophobic and highly damage-resistant, DYNOmight also boasts super self-healing properties and puncture resistance, effectively shielding against surface-level nicks and scratches.



Ultra-Gloss Finish

Enhance the depth of your color and add extra gloss to your car with the DYNOmight’s ultra-gloss finish.



DYNOmight’s top coating allows water, dust, debris, and other elements less likely to stick on your car’s surface, making it easier to clean.



DYNOmight boasts super self-healing properties, effectively shielding against swirl marks, surface-level nicks, and scratches.


Stain Resistant

Worried about stains? Our film protects your car against even the toughest stains means fewer worries about any discoloration. 


Damage Resistance

Using STEK’s innovative TPU technology, DYNOmight gives extra protection for your car against dents, rock chips, and other impacts.

Built to last.

DYNOmight carries a 10-year warranty against delamination, yellowing, bubbling, and cracking.

10-Year Warranty

STEK’s product are SGS certified and ensured that we only provide premium and quality products that are built to last.


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