Innovative graphene cooling technology window films

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Due to its outstanding thermal conductivity—which is over ten times higher than both aluminum and copper—graphene forces heat to quickly dissipate across the film and to the vehicle exterior, allowing the nanoparticles within NEX to absorb the infrared rays as efficiently as possible.

Heat Reduction & Cooling Efficiency

Graphene allows it to both absorb heat and dramatically accelerate the rate of heat dissipation, keeping your vehicle dramatically cooler. With an IR rejection rate of up to 96% at 1400 nm, as well as a maximum TSER of 64%, NEX offers excellent cooling performance, reducing air conditioner load and fuel consumption.


The NEX series blocks up to 95% of visible light in your vehicle, dramatically increasing passenger privacy.

UV Protection

The NEX series blocks 99% of these harmful UV rays, providing long-term protection. It also preserves electronics, fabric, leather, and plastic, preventing fading and discoloration of your car interior.

If installed by an authorized STEK Automotive installer or dealer, the ACTION SAFETY series carries a limited lifetime warranty against fading to purple. See the warranty card or contact STEK Automotive for further details.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

SGS Certified
Windshield tint with Stek Nex series. Block all the UV and heat this summer. What are you waiting for? 
Offering premium ceramic tint with graphene content

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Stek윈도우필름은 기존페이퍼수치필름과다르게

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STEK 100%프리미엄 나노세라믹.그래핀 열냉각필름

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Stek NEX series window film installed on this gt350r.  Up next, ppf and coating applications.  Total car care and protection!

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