PPF’s Origins

Hi Everyone!
Today let’s talk about something that probably many professionals already know but it still it could be new to some of you.

The origin of PPF.
And this will take us back to the vietnam war era, when hundred of US helicopters were sent to adverse terrains, full of rocks and debris that in the long term with constant impacts on the chopper’s rotor blades could cause damage leading for more equipment sent to repair. Just remember that this war lasted for about two decades.

Being requested by the militar institutions, a company then created a wrapping film to protect the blades without interfering with the operation of the rotor system. At this time the first version of a Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film was then developed.

Today’s TPU is a film with great elasticity and strength over a broad temperature range. TPU films resist impacts and abrasion and offer good resistance to UV raying, folding and tearing. On the top of that, when covered by special top coating, it can also be more self healing and hydrophobic.

Over the years, the film has constantly evolving, more companies were supplying the product that was also used for other industrial applications until reaching the automotive sector, under the name of “ClearBra”, or Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Today the PPF product has been used in different areas for the final consumer, from car wrapping to cell phone screen protection.

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