1. Introduction to DYNOflex

After a year of development, DYNOflex is finally here. Increase conversions, boost sales, and wow customers with DYNOflex, STEK’s exterior windshield protection film. Featuring the fastest installation process on the market, DYNOflex has drivers on the road again in minutes, equaling more sales and happy customers. With DYNOflex, save time and money while easily providing the best protection possible—no heat guns required!

At STEK, innovation is the name of the game. We support top-notch craftsmanship from the ground up, constantly working to reach the highest standards of quality possible. For us, the STEK name is a point of pride and a stamp of uniqueness that no other brand can match.

2. Product Features

I. More installations in less time

  • Reduce the time you spend on installation from 60 min to just 15 min. Reduce in installation time by up to 75%!

II. No more heat guns required

  • Install fast and easily; ideal for curved surfaces, the installation process does not require the use of heat guns or molding.

III. Crack-free shock absorption

  • When DYNOflex is subject to an external shock, the hydrogen-bonded polyurethane pulls FLEX like a spring, effectively preventing damage.

IV. Superior hydrophobicity

  • DYNOflex weatherproof surface treatment boasts excellent hydrophobicity.

V. Skin Cancer Foundation approved

  • DYNOflex effectively guards against 99% of harmful UV radiation. STEK is a member of the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Corporate Council: a group of over 100 companies actively supporting the Foundation’s endeavors in the prevention and treatment of skin cancer.

3. Availability and Pre-Order

Currently, we have stock of DYNOflex in our warehouse. We recommend doing your orders through your sales representatives before the official launch.

4. File Downloads

We will be constantly updating our distributor portal with teasers, commercials, installation videos, and pictures about DYNOflex.

Please post the following contention in your country and personal social media accounts. Please be sure to use the appropriate hashtags, captions, and tags.

• DYNflex Teaser: Until May 31s
• DYNOflex Launch Video: June 7th.

Click on the following links to access DYNOflex online content:

I. Social Media Content

  • Official Teaser: Download – All
  • Official teaser caption and hashtags: Download
  • Official Launch Video: Download – All
  • Official launch video caption and hashtags: TBA

II. Videos

  • Teaser video: Download (all)
  • Product test installation video: Download (Distributor, Installer)
  • Product introduction video: Download (all)
  • Product teaser installation video : Download (Distributor, Installer)
  • Product installation video: Download (Distributor, Installer)

III. Images

IV. Documents