STEK’s New Protective Styling Film (PSF) Dominating SEMA! (SEMA Day 1)

We had a great time on day 1 at SEMA. It was great to see a bunch of new faces as well as our authorized installers from around the world. The highlight of day 1 was the debut of all of our amazing new PSF (Protective Styling Film). Judging by the reaction, we are sure that we will be seeing these new PPF styles in every part of the globe.

For those who missed us on day 1 at SEMA or those who just want to get the SEMA highlights of our new PSF and PPF products, he is what we showed to our audience.

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STEK at SEMA SHOW 2021. Grow Together With STEK.

We debuted our amazing DYNOshift-green Limited Edition PSF (Protective Styling Film)

The highlight of day 1 was undoubtedly the unveil of our DYNOshift-green limited edition PSF – our new Protective Styling Film. We wrapped a Tesla in our innovative product and people couldn’t stop telling us how amazing it looked!

This color shift technology was only thought to be possible using paint. We all know how difficult that can be. However, we were able to pull off a seamless color shift effect with our DYNOshift-green PSF. Best of all, the protective properties of the PSF make it superior to any paint that you can apply to the vehicle.

Our new PSF products not only look better than paint, but there is a greater meaning to why STEK never stops to innovate and challenge film performance. STEK aims to replace car paint and reduce carbon footprints in the world. By replacing paint with PSF, every can owner is contributing to protecting the environment. Our film not only protects and makes vehicles look glamorous; together we are protecting more than that. We protect what we love together.

The DYNOshift-green PSF is available today. However, we only have a limited supply. Therefore, if you want to be one of the select shops to have this one-of-a-kind PSF in your inventory, be sure to come back to our booth and receive your stock before it is all gone.

Our freshest color shift psf (protective styling film)
The highlight of SEMA. DYNOshift-green, our freshest color shift PSF (Protective Styling Film) .

A look at our debut PPF, PSF products

We have more amazing debut PPF, PSF products at our showcase. Here’s a look at what you will find:

1) Camouflage Pattern

We know that camouflage designs are always a hot seller. That’s why we wanted to take this proven design and add some new twists to make these PPFs really stand out from the competition. DYNOcamo PPF is available in gloss grey and gloss black designs. So what makes this product so unique? We designed this product light better than just about any other camo PPF product out there. As the vehicle moves on the road, the camouflage will create a head-turning dynamic effect that your customers will love.

2) Metallic Forged Carbon

We received a lot of attention for our newest DYNOforged-carbon pattern. We listened to you and other installers and wanted to bring out even more carbon PPF options for your customers. We have created three new Forged-Carbon patterns, Forged-carbon metallic, and Forged-carbon red wine. These exclusive PPFs are designed to play really well off of light and create a moving effect on the vehicle’s surface. If you already have a client with a carbon design on their vehicle, this product could be a great way for them to “upgrade” their vehicle’s PPF.

3) Carbon deep-metalic

We all know that carbon designs sell well. However, you want to have something special that will separate you from the other PPF patterns. That’s why we are now offering the stunning Metallic Carbon Pattern. This Carbon deep-metallic creates a 3-D effect that your customers will want to have on their vehicle. The colors that we debuted at our showcase included metallic and red wine. We encourage you to come back to our booth and take a closer look at this amazing product. We think it will be a big winner.

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Camouflage, Metallic Forged Carbon, and Carbon deep-metallic Paint Style Film (PSF).

4) Custom PPF designs

Last but not least, we showed off some of our custom PPF designs. At STEK Automotive, we can create just about any bespoke designs that your customers are looking for. So, if you have that special customer that wants a “one of one” design for their vehicle, you have the confidence knowing that you can contact us and we will be able to get the job done.

Why do our PPF products stand out from the competition

We know that great-looking PPF sells. However, effect PPF is what will keep your customers coming back. At STEK, we create all of our PPF products to the highest possible standards. All of the new PPF products that we debuted on day 1 share the following features that your potential customers will want in their PPF.

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OMG! Everyone was looking at the red Lambo fully protected by STEK.

Hydrophobic properties

Water can be the biggest enemy in the exterior look of a vehicle. Nothing can kill the vibe of a beautiful vehicle exterior like unsightly water stains. And we all know that those water stains hold dirt and debris that can eat away at a vehicle’s exterior paint. That’s why all of our PPF products have the latest hydrophobic properties that allow water to roll off the film like water off of a duck’s back. This is why our PPF products simply maintain a better look over a longer period of time.

Self-healing capability

We like to brag that our PPF products work like magic. The fact is, we enhance each of our PPF products with superior self-healing capability that allows small scratches to repair themselves. The result is a film that won’t betray the appearance of the vehicle.

Frequently asked questions about STEK PPF, PSF products

Chances are that you may have some questions about our new PPF, PSF products. Here’s a look at the answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Do you provide training for your PPF products?

Of course. We are more than just a manufacturer of the world’s top PPF products. We work to help installers understand how to easily and effectively install our PPF products. We encourage you to check out our live demonstrations each day at our SEMA showcase.

What are the three types of PPF do you offer?

Our PPF products fall into three main categories: clear, pattern, and color. In fact, we are pioneers when it comes to PPF color products. No matter what your customers are looking for in a PPF, you will find a product that your customer will want on their vehicle.

Do you offer sales and marketing assistance on your PPF products?

Yes. In fact, our STEKSHEILD program is one of the only true 360-degree digital experience platforms available for installers. With STEKSHEILD, you get all the tools that you need to find, track, and convert leads. Here’s a look at some of the features of our STEKSHEILD platforms

STEKSHEILD is the all-in-one installer solution you have been looking for. You can learn more about STEKSHEILD here .

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Where you can find us?

Going to The  SEMA  Show? Stop by the  STEK booth  #52197 in the West Hall from November 2nd to November 5th!

Locate us in the SEMA 2021 Floor Plan

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We can’t wait to meet you tomorrow!

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