Cool and Safety Window Film: SMARTsafety

Your safety and comfort are imperative to achieving a perfect driving experience. Intense heat can make the environment inside your car unbearable. At the same time, solar rays can expose you to various skin cancers and do internal damage to the interior of your vehicle. Also, thieves often use windows for quick break-ins to steal your belongings is becoming more common, and there is a need for an advanced safety window film that unifies both security and comfort.

As a company that focuses on developing technology for the future, and with these concerns in mind, we created the new SMARTsafety, the most advanced safety window film. With this innovative product, you’ll experience superior clarity on the road, better UV and break-in protection, and keep the cool temperature for your car altogether.

Safety window film
Cool and Safety Window Film: SMARTsafety 2

A Fantastic Window Film With Anti-Theft Properties

At any moment, your vehicle could be targeted by thieves who used an array of methods to break in and steal your belongings quickly. Incidents like these are becoming more common, especially in the Bay Area and Colorado. The theft takes seconds, and not only are your goods stolen, but you’re also left in the difficult position of replacing the glass. Not only will this cost you, but also it can take months due to the ongoing global glass shortage, which has also caused prices to skyrocket.

SMARTsafety Window Film helps you avoid this scenario by reinforcing your windows with additional shatter protection technology. This delays the break-in time and gives you more time to get help. It’s also an excellent deterrent since thieves are usually interested in easy break-ins and won’t bother risking it for complicated jobs. As a result, you won’t have to worry about thefts when STEK SMARTsafety Window Film protects you.

Stay Cool and Comfortable, Everywhere.

Driving on sweltering days can make even the easiest of journeys feel like a dreaded chore. To combat this, you’ll likely turn your AC on full blast, but this only increases fuel and energy consumption. Through the ceramic properties of SMARTsafety Window Film, you can avoid uncomfortable temperatures, as it reduces the amount of heat that passes through the windows, enabling you to keep your vehicle naturally cooler.

SMARTsafety has an incredible IR rejection rate of 88% and a solar energy rejection rate of up to 43%. Together, this reduces the amount of air conditioning you need, thus improving your ecological footprint.

Experience Crystal-Clear Visibility

Having optimal clarity is essential for a safe driving experience. Visibility can be affected by terrible weather, solar flares, or bright headlights at night. Hazy window film will further hinder your vision and increase danger levels when driving in suboptimal conditions. Our high VLT rate ceramic window film is haze-proof, allowing you to drive safely and enjoy beautiful views without compromises.

Protecting You From Harmful UV Radiation

The sun poses a considerable threat to your skin, and as drivers, it’s easy to forget about sun protection. The average driver spends over 100 minutes exposed to harmful rays on the road, which can accelerate aging and cause various skin cancers. This is why it’s so important to protect your skin and eyes from the dangerous effects of the sun all year long. STEK SMARTsafety films provide you with 99% UV protection, which significantly reduces the potential for skin damage.

In addition to this, UV exposure can also ruin your car’s interior and depreciate its value. SMARTsafety works to keep your vehicle looking pristine for longer by reducing the fading and discoloration of your interior.

Experience Comfort and Security with SMARTsafety Films

This product was born out of our mission to help you protect the things you love and care for. SMARTsafety includes heat-blocking technology with crystal clarity, top-notch UV protection, and excellent safety features. With high-performing heat rejection, your need for air-conditioning is reduced, as well as improving your vehicle’s overall ecological footprint. In addition, you don’t need to worry about quick smash-and-grab incidents due to the film’s safety shatter protection.

Finally, SMARTsafety is a product that carries The Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation so that you can drive worry-free of skin damage, any time, anywhere on the road.

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