Skyrocket Sales With STEK Windshield Protection Film. The Highlight of Today’s Show. (SEMA Day 2)

We are the busiest booth in SEMA today! We had two live windshield protection film installation demos and also did interviews with our pro installers! We are excited to see such a big turnout on day 2 of our SEMA showcase. It appeared that all the buzz we encountered had to do with the installation demo sessions featuring our DYNOflex, our windshield protection film. We heard from many installers that they had never seen a film like this ever! With proper STEK training, we will be able to show any installer how to cut down on labor time with our DYNOflex, our windshield protection film.

Windshield protection film live demo at sema show 2021
Windshield Protection Film live demo at SEMA SHOW 2021

Why do we need windshield protection film?

Windshields are becoming very expensive, breaking them or just cracking them can lead to high replacement costs. At the same time, you will break the warranty seal and even devalue your car. With our DYNOflex, our windshield protection film, you will have all the protection and performance that you will ever need. Especially when it comes to final car owners, STEK’s windshield protection film protects the windshield from chips, cracks, and brakes. DYNOflex can protect the vehicle sensors, also known as ADAS, which can save recalibration costs and other time-consuming problems.

Looking toward the future, autonomous driving has more popular. Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) technologies will get into every single vehicle, to gather the vehicle’s surrounding information to support self-driving systems. These technological sensors are located all over the vehicle, including the windshield. Also, glass on vehicles is becoming bigger and bigger. As we create our products we think about the future, and with DYNOflex we are preparing for that future. DYNOflex is here to stay and protect your windshield without compromising your visibility due to its optical clarity.

Our unique product makes it easier than ever to install. In fact, you don’t need a heat gun to professionally apply this product on any window. That includes those hard-to-fit irregular window shapes. With DYNOFlex, you can lower installation times and increase productivity.

What do our installers love about DYNOFlex windshield protection film?

1) DYNOflex will save you time

Our pro Installers love how installing windshield protection film is now four times faster than the previous installations using any other films. So what are the secrets to such fast installation speed and accurate protection results? This film is designed to install without the use of a heat gun. That means that you get complete the job faster and lower your turnover time while making the installations more precise. The bottom line is that you can service more vehicles and become a more profitable shop by growing the number of satisfied customers.

As we showed in our live demonstration, our windshield protection film does not require a heat gun at all, unlike our biggest competitors. This cuts down installation time from one hour to 15 minutes. We already know that you are excited about the extra profit potential here.

Dsc05460 scaled | stek |
Live demo installing Windshield Protection Film

2) Superior Windshield Film Performance

DYNOflex has all the superior film performance that you need. Especially when it comes to final car owners, STEK’s windshield protection film protects the windshield from chips, cracks, and brakes. DYNOflex can protect the vehicle sensors, also known as ADAS, which can save recalibration costs and other time-consuming problems. DYNOflex, is the all-around windshield protection film that all of our customers will love and benefit from. 

3) Upsell your customers with satisfaction

DYNOflex is going to expand the inventory and product offerings to many installers’ businesses. STEK stands for quality and innovation when it comes to product performance. However, STEK prioritizes customer service and experience over products as top priorities. In order for installers to make more customer satisfactory installations and have them coming back, customer experience and service should never be ignored. At STEK, we acknowledge the importance of creating value for our customers beyond products.

Training that turns any member of your team in pro installer

We know that offering you the best products is simply not enough. We wanted to create products that will actually cut down on your install time and make your operations more profitable than ever. Not many other PPF company’s work like that for you. However, the real magic comes with our ability to turn just about anyone into a PPF installation expert.

Installation scaled | stek |
Philip Chan , from Aerowerkz  Motorsport installing, demonstrating his Pro Installer skills

We have developed an entire program that helps people understand how to perform a professional installation job with our PPF products. This allows you to scale up your operations and get more value from your employees. Also, your employees will learn a great skill that can help advance their careers. It’s a win-win-win opportunity for everyone involved!

When you come by our booth, be sure to ask about our training program. We have professional videos and other training materials that you can provide for your team as soon as possible. We have seen many of our STEK authorized dealers upgrade their operations with our training materials and we are confident that they will add great value to your operations.

What to expect on day 3

On day 3, we will continue to show off all of our exciting products. You also have the chance to meet with our STEK team of engineering and marketing experts to learn how you can grow your install business. Be sure to stop by at least once before the end of SEMA. We look forward to helping you take your install business to the next level.

Lots of excitement at our big showcase

If you have been at SEMA in the past, then you will notice that our presence here is growing with each passing year. This year, we are occupying a big 50-foot by 50-foot island booth packed with our latest products. The fact is that we’re one of the fastest-growing PPF companies in the world. We have almost 700 authorized STEK dealers around the world.

Screen shot 2021 11 02 at 06. 39. 45 | stek |

Where you can find us?

Going to The  SEMA  Show? Stop by the  STEK booth  #52197 in the West Hall from November 2nd to November 5th!

Locate us in the SEMA 2021 Floor Plan

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