SEMA SHOW 2021, What an Epic Ride. Are you Ready to Grow Together with STEK

What an amazing four days we had at SEMA 2021! We saw familiar faces and lots of new ones. Our booth was crowded each day and we were excited to show off our new products and services. Since some of you may not have been at our booth all four days, we’ve recapped what you may have missed.

Don’t worry if you missed any of these debuts! We have videos and information about everything listed below on our official website.

Stek automotive at sema show
STEK at SEMA SHOW 2021. Grow Together With STEK.

DYNOshift-green: Limited Edition Protective Styling Film (PSF) was a huge hit

Day one started by debuting our DYNOshift-green limited edition color-shift Protective Styling Film (PSF) on our showcase Tesla. This is the PSF you want for your installation business if you’re looking for something that stands out.
Our new PSF products not only look even better than paint but there is a greater meaning to why STEK never stops innovating and challenging film performance. STEK aims to replace car paint and reduce carbon footprints in the world. By replacing paint with PSF, every car owner is contributing to protecting the environment. Our film not only protects and makes vehicles look glamorous – it protects the earth it runs on.

We were flooded with orders for our limited edition DYNOshift-green PPF. However, you’re welcome to see if we have any inventory available.

Dsc05025 scaled | stek |
The highlight of SEMA. DYNOshift-green, our freshest color shift Protective Styling Film (PSF).

We debuted four dynamic and amazing PSF products

On day 1, we also introduced our newest PSF products that received overwhelming attention. Here’s a look at what we showed off:

1) Camouflage Design

We know that camouflage designs are always a hot seller. Our DYNOcamo is available in gloss-grey and gloss-black designs, featuring a dynamic take on the camouflage design that plays off of light well and accentuates a vehicle’s exteriors and interiors.

2) Metallic Forged Carbon Design

Our DYNOforged-carbon brings the next generation of carbon PSF to the market. DYNOforged-carbon creates a moving effect on the vehicle’s surface that turns heads. This product makes for a great upgrade for any of your existing clients looking to change their existing PSF.

3) Carbon deep-metalic

Our Metallic Carbon Design PSF creates a 3-D effect for customers looking for exceptional uniqueness. We debuted wine and metallic colours, but looking to extend into more colour schemes. If you are looking to offer your clients something genuinely unique, then this PSF product is an excellent choice.

4) Custom PPF designs

Last but not least, we showed off some of our custom PPF designs. At STEK Automotive, we can create just about any bespoke designs that your customers are looking for. Any special customer that wants a “one of one” design for their vehicle can be confident you can arrange this with us.

Dsc05151 scaled | stek |
Camouflage, Metallic Forged Carbon, and Carbon deep-metallic Paint Style Film (PSF).

DYNOFlex makes window protection film installation faster and easier than ever

On day 2, we showed a live demonstration of our new DYNOFlex window protection film.

Windshields are becoming increasingly expensive. Breaking – or simply cracking, can lead to high replacement costs. At the same time, the warranty seal is broken and the car is devalued. With DYNOflex, the protection and peace of mind is there. Especially when it comes to final car owners, STEK’s windshield protection film protects the windshield from chips, cracks, and brakes. DYNOflex can protect the vehicle sensors, also known as ADAS, saving recalibration costs and other time-consuming and financially interrupting problems.

Looking toward the future, autonomous driving is the future. Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) technologies will become a part of every new vehicle gathering the vehicle’s surrounding information to support the self-driving systems. These technological sensors are located all over the vehicle, including the windshield, making DYNOFlex all the more crucial.

Windshield glass on vehicles is becoming larger. As we create our products, we thoroughly consider the futureDYNOflex protects your windshield without compromising visibility with its optical clarity, suitable for ADAS and human-led driving.

Our unique product is easier than ever to install. In fact, you don’t even need a heat gun to professionally apply this product on any window – including those hard-to-fit irregular window shapes. With DYNOFlex, lower your installation times and increase productivity.

Microsoftteams image 16 | stek |
Windshield Protection Film live demo at SEMA SHOW 2021

Graphene, the cooling window tint to reduce the vehicle’s interior temperature by 2°C

Day 3 was all about presenting our NEX series window tint to showcase the newest innovations in our window tint products. Our series of graphene cooling technology window films – the NEX series, provides stunning heat-blocking performance with crystal clarity, as well as top-notch UV and glare reduction.

We know that a good window tint can make all the difference in comfort in a vehicle. NEX’s proprietary structure allows us to reduce the vehicle’s interior temperature by 2°C or 3.5°F. How do we accomplish that? Graphene is considered an excellent heat conductor, making it the perfect material to generate heat dispersion. By incorporating graphene in its exclusive structure, dramatically accelerates the rate of heat dissipation, keeping vehicles consistently cool. Incorporating graphene and using high-quality base materials (antimony tin oxide (ATO, tungsten, and carbon) integrated within the nanoparticles.

Dsc04987 2 scaled | stek |
SEMA SHOW 2021, What an Epic Ride. Are you Ready to Grow Together with STEK 8

STEKSHEILD: Growing Together With STEK

Day 4 was all about growing your installation business. That’s why we had a big rollout and presentation of our STEKSHIELD program. STEKSHIELD makes it easier and more efficient to attract your customers.

At SEMA, we showed how our all-in-one marketing platform helps you in a number of different ways. First, we drive traffic from our STEK Automotive site to your business via our locator listings. Next, we show off your recent installations to our visitors to drive leads into your business. You’ll also find an incredible amount of marketing resources that removes the legwork out of building your campaigns.

Beyond that, STEKSHEILD provides you with online training courses for your installers as customer service tools that can boost your overall business ratings and make you grab more market share.

After staggering interest in STEKSHEILD,we are looking forward to creating sweeping growth stories for installers around the globe.

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SEMA SHOW 2021, What an Epic Ride. Are you Ready to Grow Together with STEK 9

Innovation in the commercial window film industry

We have taken our best innovation from our protective window tint for cars and expanded them for building installation.

STEK Wide features advanced window tint products designed to reduce energy costs, deflect glare, mitigate hot spots and create a more attractive look for both residential and commercial buildings. Our films also include all the antimicrobial properties that we developed with STEK CARE.

Antimicrobial film that keeps you clean and safe, STEK Care

The COVID-19 pandemic showed the value of having a clean environment. That’s why we are introducing STEK Care.

Our antimicrobial film products can be applied to almost any flat surface to help reduce viral transmission and create a cleaner environment. The result is a healthier home or workplace that can reduce medical costs and downtime due to illness.

Dsc05071 scaled | stek |
SEMA SHOW 2021, What an Epic Ride. Are you Ready to Grow Together with STEK 10

SEMA may be over, but let’s stay in touch

SEMA may be over but we are not done working for you! Contact us at our official site to order our innovative new products, grow your business with STEKSHEILD or simply learn more about what STEK has to offer. We look forward to helping your installer business reach new heights.

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