STEK Comes to SEMA 2021 With a Host of Hot, New PPF Products

SEMA 2021 is coming and STEK is back with our biggest showcase yet. This year, we are expanding our presence with a 50 foot by 50-foot island booth packed with six new PPF designs that are sure to generate big interest with your customers. We can’t wait to show off what we have to offer. You will not want to miss this opportunity. 

Stek comes to sema 2021 with a host of hot, new ppf products
Don’t miss out on STEK’s latest products, features, and demonstrations at SEMA 2021!

Our biggest SEMA SHOW ever 

In the past, we have debuted our newest PPF designs and innovations at SEMA. We enjoy meeting with you, getting your feedback, and using your input to make our products even better. We have listened to the market and have created six new PPF products you will want to check out. Here’s a look at what we will be debuting at SEMA 2021. 

Three high-performance protective films
Come check out DYNOflex installations, our windshield protection film, and the revolutionary color shift PPFs!

1) Three High-Performance protective films

We want to show you how great our product looks on various vehicles. That’s why we are bringing three exciting performance cars to our showcase. We are featuring some really great models that we don’t want to give away right here. You just have to go to drop by and see what we have for you.

The one thing you will notice is how our STEK products really enhance the style of any type of vehicle. You will see right away how our products can be “easy sells” for clients with high-performance, high-end vehicles. 

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Visit the STEK booth at SEMA to find the latest PPF innovations and bestselling products

2) Out latest paint styling film (PPF) and winshield protection film (WPF) innovations

We are excited to show you our latest paint protection film (PPF) and windshield production film innovations. We have created PPF and WPF products that you will not find from any other manufacturer. Our products feature the latest technology to enhance their hydrophobic, weatherproof, self-healing properties. Not only that, you’ll find some amazing designs that are bound to help you win more business. 

Along with our latest PPF and WPF innovations, we will have our STEK team ready to answer any of your questions. We have been able to continually innovate our products because we are always listening to the installer market. We look forward to some great one-on-one with you and our newest products. 

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Visit the STEK booth at SEMA to find the latest PPF innovations and bestselling products

3) Window Film and Car Care  

We know that you want to expand your offerings. That’s why we are also showing off our latest window film and car care products. These products are designed for your most passionate car customers who want full production and care for their vehicle. Beyond traditional window film and car care products, we design everything to be up to the standards of the highest-end vehicles. 

Our window film and car care products will allow you to create “value-added” package deals that can help boost your profit per transaction. We are sure that you will get lots of great ideas on how to bundle STEK products for your clients. 

Stek car care products
STEK Formula – Premium Car Care Products

4) Exciting Tools to Win More Customers and Power Up Your Marketing

Introducing stekshield, exciting tools to win more customers and power up your marketing
STEKSHIELD is our digital experience platform to provide our partners with the best customer service and experience

We’re doing more than bringing great products to SEMA. We also have created an entire suite of carefully crafted marketing materials to help you sell more. Our marketing materials include professionally produced videos, printer materials, and online tools. Our mission is to help you to generate more leads, increase your conversations and boost your profit per sale. 

All of our material materials are designed to work with any installer business whether you are just starting out or if you have a well-established business. You will see right away that selling is easier when you use STEK. Make sure to visit our booth and visit the STEKSHIELD area to find out more information! Get a copy of our STEKSHIELD leaflet at the booth.

5) Live Training of Our STEK Products in Action 

Finally, our STEK team will be holding live training to show you how to easily install each of our new products. At STEK, we are dedicated to providing more than great products. We want to give you the right guidance to make the most of what we have to offer. You are sure to learn some great insights when you check out one of our training sessions. 

If you are just starting out, you’ll find our live training really valuable. If you have been in the business while, you may discover some new techniques that can enhance your craft. Either way, we’re sure you’ll find some great value in our living training sessions. 

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Come See STEK Innovation At SEMA 2021  

See the latest PPF products at our STEK display at SEMA 2021. Be one of the first to take a look at exciting new designs that you may not find anywhere else. Our team will be at the display to take your questions and listen to your feedback. We look forward to showing off our latest work.

Where you can find us?

Going to The  SEMA  Show? Stop by the  STEK booth  #52197 in the West Hall from November 2nd to November 5th!

Locate us in the SEMA 2021 Floor Plan

Looking for Your Feedback 

One of the major keys to our ability to innovate is listening to the market. We pride ourselves on pushing our team to create something special each year. That’s why we want to hear from you. Be sure to stop by our booth, check out our exciting new PPF designs, and be sure to provide your feedback. Our team always looks forward to hearing from you. 

About STEK

We are a leading producer of exciting and innovative PPF products. Each year, we create new designs that attract wide attention from the aftermarket industry. Our PPF products are not only attractive but they are also extremely durable. Since our inception over 40 years ago, we have sold millions of square feet of PPF products to thousands of aftermarket retails around the world. 

What We Offer 

At STEK, we have one of the most extensive lineups of paint protection films on the market. No matter what your customers are looking for, we are likely to have it. Our lineup includes durable, hydrophobic, self-healing,  PPF that can shield vehicles from road and weather wear. We also offer a top lineup of fashion PPF that includes multi-tone metallic flake finishes and one-of-a-kind designs. Finally, we offer a leading selection of window and windshield film that reduces heat and glare while not compromising wi-fi signal strength. At STEK, we have what your most demanding clients are looking for. 

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