The Best Color PPF

You’ve found the perfect brand. Now for the all-important question: which color PPF should you choose?

For reference, let’s take a look at Axalta’s 67th Global Automotive Color Popularity Report. First published in 1953, this comprehensive report is the longest-running examination of color trends within the automotive sector. It analyzes annual changes in consumer preferences, influencing the production and style choices of OEMs and other significant players in the industry.

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Neutral colors continue to dominate the market, with a staggering 80% of vehicles worldwide being white, black, gray, or silver. Of these four, white takes the top share at 38%, while silver has reached a ten-year low of 10%. Gray, on the other hand, is growing in demand worldwide, replacing white for the top spot in Europe for the first time in history. STEK color PPFs come in black, gray and white. Europe has also seen its preference for black remain stable, while the color has increased in prevalence in North America. In both regions, it also continues to be the most popular color in the luxury segment, making up 33% of luxury vehicles in Europe and 28% of luxury vehicles in North America.

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As for color, blue leads the pack at 7% in global popularity, for which demand has grown in North America, South America, and Africa. Check out STEK DYNOmiami-blue for a cool blue color PPF. From dark navy to medium denim to green-infused hues, modern trends for blue are far-ranging and versatile. Red, the next most popular color at 6%, is most common in North America. Warmer shades, such as brown/beige and yellow/gold, make up about 5% of the global palette, and are found mostly in Russia, India, Japan, and China.

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With so many exciting options, it can be difficult to settle on just one. Do you play it safe with a neutral gray, or go all out for a flashy red? Do you go for a classic solid hue, or add that extra sparkle with a pearlescent finish? Remember, the choice is never just black and white. It may prove useful to analyze current trends and look into the latest styles; in the end, though, the what matters most is you. No matter the palette of the road, whichever shade looks best to you will always be the greatest choice. From the glossiest black to the richest purple, the perfect color PPF is out there—so let the search begin!

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