The Bikers Market

Hi everyone

We here at STEK think all the time about how we can help them expand their business, whether with products, services or even tips on possible markets that are still little explored by our partners.

Today after reading this article (here), I found it interesting because it is a niche that can be addressed with our products. And what is more interesting is that this market in specific is not an automotive market, it is the Biking Market.

With more and more people using bicycles not only as a means of transport or leisure, but also to practice performance and adventure sports.

Practitioners might start activities in their own region but it is likely that they will explore other regions for new challenges and environments. For this, when it is too far for the available time, bikes are transported by their owners’ cars to different regions, and that is where PPF professionals come in.

It is very likely that this transport is done through a Rack attached to the vehicles and depending on the model, it is possible that when coupling or during transport the car may suffer damage from the bike.

This is a dual opportunity:
1 – Bike Protection
2 – Vehicle protection

As a suggestion, it would be very interesting to do a market research work to find customers with this profile and thus develop a marketing campaign focused on this marketing. It is possible that a customer derivative from this development can generate other opportunities with STEK products, be it with their own cars or a recommendation after a provided service..

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