The BEST Window Tint you’ll ever have on your windows! And it is environment-friendly too! (SEMA Day 3)

At STEK, we always strive for innovation, and our window tint are not an exception to that. Our window film section drew a crowd as we featured some of our newest innovative products. Among these products, our NEX series stole the spotlight. NEX series provides stunning heat-blocking performance with crystal clarity, as well as top-notch UV and glare reduction. This product was born out of our mission to protect all the things you love, including the environment. With its high-performing heat rejection, the need to use air-conditioning becomes less, as well as the ecological footprint you leave with your car.

A winning product is good, but how do we put it to the test? We launched our new testing machine, The Heatbox, not only to show how our window films’ properties and functionality, but also how it outperforms the competition.

Window tint section at sema show 2021 - stek
STEK’s Window Film line-up, including NEX series, with graphene cooling technology

Graphene: the Window Tint that will keep your vehicle’s interior cool

Graphene is considered an excellent heat conductor in which makes it the perfect material to disperse heat. By incorporating graphene in its proprietary structure, it dramatically accelerates the rate of heat dissipation hence keeping your vehicle consistently cool. NEX’s proprietary structure allows us to reduce the vehicle’s interior temperature by 2°C or 3.5°F.

This significant reduction in temperature will allow you to have a colorer interior and use less air-conditioning while driving. At the same time, you will be able to reduce your ecological footprint by saving on fuel and energy you use to cool down the interior of your vehicle.

If you are located in a hot weather environment, you know there is a significant demand for window film that is high-performing when it comes to heat rejection. That is where our NEX series window tint film comes in. It ensures that your car interior stays cool even when the vehicle has been parked out in the sun for an extended period.

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Live demo of the performance of our Window Tint NEX Series with graphene technology

Install it like no other.

All our window tints go through a highly controlled manufacturing process, assuring the quality of our products. Having complete control over the manufacturing allows us to use the necessary raw materials that will enable you to have an easy installation at your shop. Quality starts at our factory, and by utilizing high-heat-resistant, optically clear PET and high-quality base materials, including the non-metallic nanoparticles, it helps us focus on areas of quality such as shrinkability, clarity, and anti-scratch features. And that separates STEK from other manufacturers that only focus on reducing costs.

STEK utilizes its deep industry experience in producing a full line of quality paint protective films to guide the manufacturing of its window tint films. The emphasis on quality eliminates common manufacturing issues other window tint films have, such as the white spots that are related to both the adhesive and PET layers.

By producing top-quality products, installers have fewer worries about product quality and solely focus on growing their business.

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Window tint explanation SEMA Show 2021

How to choose the perfect window tint for your customer

Let’s suppose you have a potential customer walk into your shop asking about the best window tint for his car. Know the tips and tricks for selling products that will make him leave your shop with glowing reviews and come back for more purchases…and maybe with some friends too.

Find out what they want from the window tint

There could be several reasons why a person wants to tint their vehicle’s windows. It could range from privacy to keeping their car’s interior cool. Finding out what your customer wants and their pain points, you will be able to pinpoint the window tint film that will fit their needs ideal for their vehicle.

Explain why a particular window tint is the best choice

You can tell a customer that a particular window tint will block UV rays or keep their car interior cooler. However, if you want to really convince them how window films perform, don’t be afraid to go into a bit of detail. For instance, you can explain how STEK window tint film uses proprietary high-heat-resistant, optically clear, and lightweight PET plastic and nanoparticles like graphene to effectively block out heat from the sun.

Have a demonstration ready to go for your customer

You know the saying, “I have to see it to believe it.” After you explain how a specific window tint delivers on the performance that they are looking for, it’s time to show the window tint in action. At STEK, we provide demonstration videos of our window tint’s superior effectiveness versus the competition. But if you would like to go one step further, we recommend you have a window tint set up and a testing machine to show how much more effective STEK window tint film performs.

Remind the customer that the window tint is backed by a warranty. 

Finally, let the client know that a lifetime warranty backs all STEK window tint films. That removes all worries from the client. That also removes all the risk from you! At STEK, we proudly stand behind every product we offer and take pride in its premium quality that lasts.

Lots of excitement at our big showcase

If you have been at SEMA in the past, you will notice how STEK grows with each passing year. This year, we occupy an enormous 50-foot by 50-foot island booth packed with our latest products and services. It is proof that we’re one of the fastest-growing PPF companies in the world. We have almost 700 authorized STEK dealers around the globe.

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Where you can find us?

Going to The SEMA Show? Stop by the STEK booth  #52197 in the West Hall from November 2nd to November 5th!

Locate us in the SEMA 2021 Floor Plan

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