The Graphene Window Film

Hi Everyone!

We’ve observed that there is a trend in many markets around the world where customers are looking for window film of higher quality, nano carbon and nano ceramic have been one of the most requested especially for their performance.

Known brands in the markets have already seen this and are increasing their lines with these products in the search to meet this demand.

As a result we will see many products with similar performance and with little or no differential.

STEK in essence always seeks innovation, you can see that we always have something innovative in our products and with our Window Film this could not be different.

STEK brings in its Window Film arsenal of solutions the nano ceramic: NEXseries
What’s different? In its structure there is a very expensive and important material, the Graphene.
Nano Ceramic films allow heat reduction through absorption, where the film retains on its surface the heat generated by the infrared rays contained in sunlight, and that is where Graphene comes into play. With its high conductivity, Graphene helps this absorbed heat to disperse more quickly over the surface of the film, helping its work to keep the interior of the vehicle cool and pleasant.


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