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Drive assured with ACTION Safety,our series of safety-oriented window films. Offered in 4-mil and 8-mil options, ACTION Safety features shatterproof technology within its two-ply structure, effectively preventing broken-glass injuries. Combining unmatched glare reduction with our advanced nano-carbon technology, these films offer both top-notch protection and performance.

Download the Technical Specification Sheet here.



Safety First

Our shatterproof technology effectively shields against broken-glass injuries, while its robust 2-ply structure dramatically increases the time needed to break through car windows.


Heat Reduction & Cooling Efficiency

Our stylish ACTION SAFETY series offers a maximum TSER of 54% and a maximum IR of 55%, which combine with a 99% UV rejection rate to keep your vehicle’s interior cool.



The ACTION Safety series blocks up to 95% of visible light going through your vehicle, dramatically increasing passenger privacy.


UV Protection

The ACTION Safety series blocks more than 99% of these harmful UV rays, providing long-term protection. It also preserves electronics, fabric, leather, and plastic, preventing fading and discoloration of your car interior and, protects you from skin damage as well.

Built to last.

If installed by an authorized STEK Automotive installer or dealer, the ACTION SAFETY series carries a limited lifetime warranty against fading to purple. See the warranty card or contact STEK Automotive for further details.

Limited Lifetime Warranty


STEK’s products are SGS certified and ensured that we only provide premium and quality products that are built to last.


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