Window Film and the changes on the “Concrete jungle

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In today’s topic we want to share about the trending in the building construction market. More and more we are seeing more buildings in cities, but what we used to call “Concrete Jungle” has started to become a “Glass Jungle” or “Glazed Jungle”.

This change of materials used in the construction of buildings is due to many factors, and one of them is related to the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

However, glazing buildings brings another concern to building management: The inefficiency in the use of solar energy.

This problem can be solved with a “simple” solution and that we at STEK can offer you.

STEK has a wide variety of WINDOW FILMS to help your business to provide the best solution for energy efficiency projects in buildings, homes and also vehicles.

In addition to tailoring the exact product your business needs (OEM), STEK also has brand products from the renowned STEK Automotive and the newly created STEK WIDE, which, in addition to the benefits in energy management, also has anti-bacterial characteristics.

Contact STEK and find the solution your business needs.

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