Window Film Test machines: Examples and Experiences are Worth more than a Thousand Words

“Examples and experiences are worth more than a thousand words” is a commonly used sentence in some places around the world. Basically, it means that words can convince but real examples could influence better and in a more comprehensive way.

This vision can also be used in a certain way in our sector, in our business. When customers visit our stores looking for the best options in Window film, it is very common for some salespeople to present data and numbers that most of the time will make little or no sense to the end customer. It would take a real class on wavelength, graphics, material compounds and this is certainly not efficient nor effective in sales, not to mention that it would take a lot of time and probably bore the customer.

A basic explanation about the role of Window Film and some of its basic functions like heat rejection and UV rays can be just right for the customer’s understanding.

So what would be a more interesting way to sell, where the customer could clearly choose the best option for their needs?
Well the first thing every salesperson must have is the ability to listen and understand what the customer really wants. Its profile, driving habits, budget, etc. Everything you think that can give you indication for what type of film options to offer.

Bearing this in mind, the second and probably the most important point is to make the client feel the heat (or the lesser heat), literally, to experience the performance of the different available films. And that’s where we’d like to cover on this short article: The Testing Machines for Window Film.

There are dozens of types of Window Film Tester machines, many of which are informational only, repeating/proving information that is already on the film’s specifications, but some machines can be more effective in helping to demonstrate film performance in a more realistic way.

The most well-known testers are:

– Solar tester

– Solarium

– Heat Box

Solar Tester
Solar testers are used more as a check on the specification numbers for that specific product. Client can see and confirm that the numbers on the product specs are right but what would that mean in a real-life experience? How good that would perform?

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Window Film Test machines: Examples and Experiences are Worth more than a Thousand Words 4

There are a wide variety of solarium testers on the market, they usually use IR lamps that simulate the heat transmitted by the IR part of the sun’s ray. Some of them can show in a simple way and even compare different film simultaneously. These machines can show the temperature difference during the test, where the film that resists the temperature increase the most and transmits it lesser to the other side of the glass is probably the film with the best performance.


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Window Film Test machines: Examples and Experiences are Worth more than a Thousand Words 5

Heat box
This one is similar to the Solarium, but the focus here is to make the customer feel for himself how much each film installed on the removable glass on each side of the machine can reduce the heat emitted by the IR lamp. A heat sensor (tester) can also be used with the Heat Box, because in addition to the customer feeling the difference in heat, he/she can also see it in numbers how much this difference means.

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Window Film Test machines: Examples and Experiences are Worth more than a Thousand Words 6

We believe that these machines add a different experience, the different machines can complement each other, and it helps to generate trust on the product, on the professional, on the brand and consequently: Client Satisfaction. A satisfied customer is likely to return for other jobs as well can recommend your services and amplify your earnings.

STEK has test equipment that can be purchased by our partners, but it is also possible to find a vast number of testers on websites or you can even request a local production.

In the next few days, we will individually comment on each of the most common equipment for Window Film testing. Stay tuned and see you soon.

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