Windshield Protection Film

Protect your windshield from damage and costly replacements

Stronger than you think.

DYNOflex helps vehicle owners significantly reduce the risk of replacing expensive windshields, especially those with Advanced Driving Assistance System cameras and sensors (ADAS). The optical clarity ensures an intact look and clear visibility.



Protect your windshield

Your front windshield contains a multitude of working sensors. If not protected, this windshield can be easily damaged, resulting in high repair expenses. 


Crack-free shock absorption

When subject to an external shock, the hydrogen-bonded polyurethane pulls DYNOflex like a spring, effectively preventing damage.


Extreme Durability

DYNOflex is crack-resistant and has the ability to self-heal scratches. Composed of highly elastic layers, DYNOflex effectively absorbs and disperses even the strongest shocks.


Superb UV protection

DYNOflex has 99% UV rejection, which protects your vehicle’s interior from fading and your skin from harmful UV rays.


Weatherproof Resistance

With a weatherproof surface treatment boasting excellent hydrophobicity, DYNOflex is further designed to withstand the harshest temperatures and climate conditions.


Shrinkage-free Installation

Our film is quick and easy to install; the installation process does not require the use of heat guns or shrinkage, dramatically reducing the long setting time typical of conventional protection films.

Built to protect.

If installed by an authorized STEK Automotive installer or dealer, DYNOflex carries a 1-year limited warranty against fading to purple. See the warranty card or contact STEK Automotive for further details.

1-Year Warranty


STEK’s product are SGS certified and ensured that we only provide premium and quality products that are built to last.


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200607 CURE X OIL 20 | STEK |

Protect your windshield for maximum longevity


200525 X OIL 4 | STEK |

Step 1: Use our X-Oil premium car care solution

Quickly dissolve and remove oily residue from any glass surface. X-OIL guarantees the strongest bond possible between glass and future films / coatings.

200525 CURE 2 | STEK |

Step 2: Finish with our Cure solution

A premium aftercare solution is used to keep windshield films in peak condition. Enjoy easy maintenance and long-lasting clarity.

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