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Partnering for Success

STEK Partnerships

Expanding Horizons, Together

At STEK Automotive, we firmly believe that the road to success is best traveled with partners who share our vision and values. Their contributions and collaborations have been instrumental in helping us reach new heights.

Our Global Partnerships

Skin Cancer Foundation

Protecting What and Who You Love

Here at STEK, we value you and your loved ones. That includes making sure our product can provide you with the best protection, including protection against harmful UV rays. We are proud that our ICY, ACTION, SMART, NEX, and VISION Series Window Films have received their Seals of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation, assuring you the best protection against harmful UV rays. The Skin Cancer Foundation grants Seals of Recommendation to various products, including window films, that meet their set criteria for sun protection when used as directed. Receiving the seal ensures that our window films block at least 99% of UVA and UVB rays, protecting you and your loved ones from skin damage, even skin cancer. Be assured that when you choose STEK Window Films, not only are you choosing heat rejection or style, but you are also choosing your and your loved one's health.