Clear Bra Is Not Just Transparent: Pattern and Color Paint Protection Film

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In the world of Paint Protection Film (PPF), most have heard of the basic Clear Bra, a transparent and protective layer of polyurethane film applied to the vehicle's surface. Well, we’ve stepped up our game as the world's first "Fashion Clear Bra" series. We proudly call it Protective Styling Film (PSF).

If you want to protect the paint of your vehicle, Clear Bra is a no-brainer.  But if you’re looking to stand out while protecting your paint, our Protective Styling Film is there to ensure this.

With STEK, you have a full range of Clear Bra (Paint Protection Film) options to choose from. Everything from top-notch, translucent films to the most distinctive, high-quality patterns and deep color tones. The PPF has a much richer and more diverse world of choice than you may know. Whether you want head-turning patterns or solid colors, we bring style to your vehicle.

Clear Bra or Transparent Paint Protection Film

Clear Bra or Transparent Paint Protection Film is a see-through urethane polymer film that is applied to blend seamlessly with your original paint and color. This type of PPF allows the protective coating to be virtually invisible so your vehicle’s color is never compromised - all while protecting it’s coat.

The benefit of a transparent PPF is that you keep your vehicle's original appearance, especially if it's a custom-made color or limited-edition vehicle.

If you are looking to resell your vehicle, using a Clear Bra or Transparent PPF will help retain its color and shine so that it looks as new as possible. Clear Bra is oftentimes a great selling point, even adding to the price of your vehicle because of its guaranteed protection.  

Fashion Clear Bra or Protective Styling Film (PSF)

Color Clear Bra

Our new Color Protective Styling Film (PSF) products actually look better than paint. At STEK,  we never stop innovating and challenging film performance. Color PSF is the kind of paint protection film that protects your vehicle’s coat, and even changes the exterior color of your vehicle once applied.

STEK is the pioneer in Color PPF.  We have developed an extensive range of unique colors that outperform paint’s longevity and appearance, from our most famous DYNOblack-gloss to our newest DYNOshift-green.

The color-shift technology was only thought to be possible using paint - and we all know how difficult that can be. However, we were able to pull off a seamless color-shift effect with our DYNOshift-green PSF. Best of all, the protective properties of the PSF make it superior to any paint you can apply to the vehicle.

Pattern Clear Bra

Pattern Protective Styling Film, offers the most distinct change in appearance. These films give the surface of the vehicle a distinct pattern from the well-known carbon-fiber appearance to our unique Damascus pattern. Our patterns achieve the most realistic of looks and keep all the protective properties as a Clear Bra.

It’s no secret that adding forged-carbon parts to your vehicle is expensive and time-consuming. You’ll also likely face limitations regarding what parts you can create from this material. We pride ourselves in offering sleek styles that personalize your vehicle, so that those outside the vehicle love it as much as you. That being said, we’re excited to offer our latest forged-carbon pattern, DYNOforged-carbon. Take a look here for it, and plenty of others to keep your vehicle’s color long-lasting and high quality. 

STEK's Fashion Clear Bra or Protective Styling Film (PSF) focuses on creating color and pattern options that allow you to make your vehicle reflect your unique personality - to help you and your vehicle stand out from others. Gone is the need for repainting or expensive custom spray-painting jobs. The Protective Styling Film (PSF) offers an instant transformation while preserving the original color underneath but giving it a completely new look.