Vehicle Window Tinting Explained

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G'day everyone!

Much is said about Window Tinting, for vehicle owners the knowledge about these products is usually very superficial, they might know why but not how the films can preserve your skin, make the car cooler and letting the driving experience more comfortable.
For installers, obviously heat rejection is important but something they often look for is the ease with which a film can be installed, easier is faster, and of course, time is money.

Simply speaking, there are many types of Window Films that are standards on the market such as Carbon, Nano Ceramic, metallized, etc., some brands try some differentials, for example STEK is using components such as graphene and even types of TPU in some of their films. Each type has a different characteristic that needs to be understood.

But when you get into the details of the Window Film world, many in the market don't know exactly the "How's", "Why's" and even the types of films that exist, usually due to lack of a local language source of information connecting factory x Installers or lack of training from the distributor.

We at STEK have a specialized team, able to promote theoretical training events in any of the most used languages ​​in the world. Our training allows our customers to know our product line and understand the difference between them and consequently the most suitable product for each customer profile.
In the link below we share a small article about window films, if you are more interested, contact us and find out which STEK film is most appropriate for your business.