SEMA Show Day 2 Recap: PPF Training, Eccentric Interviews, and Thrilling Demos

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Man, we had a really hectic day at the booth for day 2 of the SEMA Show. Here’s some of the exciting things that happened at the booth today!

PPF Training Interview

One thing I realized while tending the booth was that there were a lot of people visiting our booth to ask about STEK USA’s PPF training program. Thankfully, I had some time with Robert, the lead trainer of STEK USA, to talk about the training program STEK USA offers.

The interview will be available on our YouTube channel shortly after the SEMA Show for everyone that wants to learn about the training program. If you are an installer outside of the US, wondering if STEK offers training in your country, the best way to find out is to contact your distributor!

Interview with Cannan from DinMann

Today, I had the chance to capture an interview with Cannan from DinMann, the mad scientist behind the DYNOchrome blue BMW M4 pickup truck. He showed up in the custom-made carbon fiber stormtrooper costume he built off of an authentic costume from the movie set. I’m sure by these descriptions, you can tell that Cannan is a very eccentric person (but like in the best way possible.) I knew the day before that he would be visiting the booth for an interview today so I prepared a script in advance. But within the first couple of seconds, I decided to ditch the prepared questions and just went with the flow. I had a lot of fun talking to him and can’t wait to do more collaborative work with him!

Disregard my closed eyes. I’m terrible at taking pictures.

Driveway Automotive Video Shoot

Driveway Automotive is STEK’s exclusive distributor for the Dominican Republic. They wanted some help with creating high-quality content showing off the STEK booth so our film crew, and Jose, our software marketing manager, helped them out.

Interview with Incognito Wraps

As we talked about in yesterday’s recap, Incognito Wraps is responsible for the DYNOchrome blue Tesla Model Y in action at the Vegas Loop. Thankfully, Joe and Cathy from Incognito Wraps stopped by the STEK booth so we were able to have a quick chat with them. Joe, who was the one in touch with both STEK and the Boring company that helped us arrange this, and Kathy, who installed the film on the vehicle, had a lot of very positive things to say about DYNOchrome. The interview with footage of the Tesla Model Y in action will shortly be available on our YouTube channel after the SEMA Show.

Window Tint and DYNOchrome Installation Demo

Toward the end of the day, we had a couple of install demonstrations of our products. The first was of how to shrink window tints. The installation was done by Dakotah fro the Blue Star Auto Salon. He showed us some efficient ways to shrink the window tint and Benjamin from STEK USA explained the methods used.

The last and main event was Philip Chen from Aero Werkz demonstrating the stretchability of our DYNOchrome PPF by installing them on the side view mirror, which is quite difficult to wrap with vinyl chrome.

He wrapped one of the side view mirrors in only 10 minutes. Seeing him work in person makes me realizes why a huge number of installers have a lot of respect for him.

That was the recap of day 2 at the SEMA Show. We’ll have more exciting events for everyone on day 3 so please stay tuned!