DYNOflex Sales: Windshield Change Inconvenience

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Hello everyone !!

Today, we would like to mention some facts you can point out to persuade your client to install our DYNOflex Windshield Film on their vehicle.
We will focus on the pains and worries a person would go through in case of a windshield replacement.

Once you show a client the burdens and inconveniences of the process, you will have a better chance of convincing them to use our product.
Is your client aware of all the inconveniences caused by a small chip in the glass that slowly turns into a crack that eventually leads to a glass replacement? On top of the inconvenience, the costs involved in a glass replacement are nothing to scoff at.

Now, Let's go through the seven dreadful realities of getting your windshield replaced:

1 – The search for the windshield glass: Is the car imported? If yes, the problem is even bigger because the windshield is likely to be imported too, and it will take a loooong time to get it shipped.

2 - Purchasing the windshield from the domestic OEM market is not cheap, to begin with, and if it is imported… prepare your wallet because it's going to cost you more $$$$.

3 – While waiting for the windshield to be shipped, you need to find a spare car, borrow from your spouse, Uber, Taxi, Bus, or Metro... In short, prepare for the inconvenience.

4 - Finally, the windshield is here. Time to pay for the installation.. $$$

5 - For old cars, it's hard to find a replacement windshield. For new cars, prepare your wallet for a sensor recalibration that can easily cost more than USD 1,000.

6 - There is a possibility that the OEM glass is not a 100% perfect fit for the car, or the glass installation is not 100% perfect.

7 - Now you have a new reality, you lose the originality of your vehicle, and the resale value will drop. TT.
Let your client know about those possible risks, but also tell them that we have a solution that CAN REDUCE this risk: DYNOflex

DYNOflex is a TPU composite-based windshield film. Unlike anything on the market, this film has the superior capacity to absorb the impact caused by the debris that can hit your vehicle while you drive.

According to laboratory tests using international standards (ASTMD2794) - Dupont Test, a glass with DYNOflex installed can be up to five times more resistant to impact damage. To put it simply, DYNOflex can greatly reduce the chances of windshield breakage.

It is important to note that DYNOflex is not a bulletproof shield or something magical. Its role is to reduce the chances of going through a headache-inducing windshield replacement.
Having a film with this technology can benefit you and your client.

Did we forget to mention some things? Let us know if there is anything that we can address in our future content that we are making to help you increase your sales. We hope these talking points can help you persuade your client more easily.