Paint Protection Film is not Vinyl Wrap

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Quite a few people confuse paint protection film and vinyl wraps, thinking they are two names for the same product. In today's blog post, we’re setting the record straight.

In a nutshell, vinyl wraps are used to custom style a vehicle, while Paint Protection Film (PPF) is used exclusively for protection.

This was so until we invented our Fashion Protective Styling Film (PSF). In short, Fashion Protective Styling Film works the same as the clear paint protection film, but it is infused with one-of-a-kind patterns or admirable colors. But our Fashion PSF doesn’t sacrifice protection for style, it’s engineered for both. Read on to learn more about style and protection - or visit this blog post.

Paint Protection Film and Vinyl Wraps are Two Different Things

Most importantly, PPF must be strong enough to resist impact from debris, rock chips, and the harshest weather conditions. To survive these factors, the base material of PPF is made of polyurethane. PPF is applied like a second skin around the original paint, offering self-healing and protective properties. This ensures the original paint underneath is kept safe.

On the other hand, vinyl wraps are made from polyvinyl chloride. To the untrained eye, they may share some appearance similarities with Paint Protection Film. However, vinyl wraps tend to be more fragile - and less trustworthy to protect your vehicle.

PPF and Vinyl Difference: Durability

Paint Protection Film is much thicker and more durable than vinyl wrap. The base material used to make vinyl wraps is mostly used merely for aesthetic purposes - with little to no protection to its coating.

PPF promises greater protective qualities. PPF is about three times as thick as the average vinyl wrap. With the thickness of the base material and our special STEK formula, our PPF brings you the protection you’re looking for against impact and scratches.

Our thickest film, DYNOmight, is up to 5 times as thick as any vinyl wrap, developed for strength and durability. This extra protection boasts self-healing properties and puncture resistance, effectively shielding against surface-level nicks and scratches. Even the harshest weather conditions won’t damage it.

PPF and Vinyl Difference: Customization

For decades, vinyl was the go-to solution for customization, while PPF was typically common in only one form: clear bra. PPF's main job was protecting - not enhancing a car's aesthetics.

STEK took the challenge to innovate and challenge film performance. Our new Color Protective Styling Film (PSF) products actually look brighter and clearer than paint. Color PSF is the kind of paint protection film that not only beautifies your vehicle but protects it as well.

STEK's Pattern Protective Styling Film offers the most distinct change in appearance. These films are available in unique patterns, ranging from the well-known carbon-fiber to our unique one and only Damascus pattern. Our patterns are always ensured to hold the same protective properties as a Clear Bra.

carbon-fiber paint protection film

With STEK, you have a full range of Clear Bra (Paint Protection Film) options to choose from. Everything from translucent films to the most distinctive high-quality patterns and deep color tones. The PPF has a rich and diverse world of choice. See for yourself at STEK Website.