Give Your Knife and Vehicle a matching Damascus Steel Look With DYNOdamascus PPF

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Knifey Spooney from the SImpsons holding a damascus steel knife in front of Bart and Lisa Simpson.

"You call that a knoife? THIS is a Knoife." (sorry I'm bad at photoshop)

I don't know how you feel about Damascus steel knives, but I am a massive sucker for those bad boys. I just can't get enough of the way they swirl and shimmer. I spend an ungodly amount of time on Youtube watching 20 minutes+ long videos of blacksmiths forging Damascus steel knives. (You should give it a try sometime. It's kinda therapeutic.) Some knife purists might yell at me that the modern Damascus steel is not "true Damascus steel," but I don't care. Like, just look at 'em. Man, they're just so doggone cool. 

I know I really waxed poetic about our carbon pattern PPFs as if it's the best thing since sliced bread in my previous blog post, but trust me, DYNOdamascus is definitely my favorite pattern film by STEK. As the name implies, it is named after Damascus steel. It's a really unique product that no other film manufacturer of any kind offers. So let's go through some things about this product.

Available Options


Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Motorcycle wrapped in DYNOdamascus. Photo Credit: Motorama Dream Garage

This transparent option gives the original paint underneath the film the swirls and shimmers of Damascus steel. It also gives the paint protection STEK films are known for.


Lamborghini Aventador wrapped in DYNOdamascus-black. Photo Credit: Status Auto Detailing

This one is not transparent. It changes the color of your vehicle to piano black and gives it the swirls of Damascus steel. Don't overlook the color change aspect of this film because it is made with the same pigments used to make our DYNOblack films, which many installers and car owners love for the richness and depth of its black color.

Is it made from real Damascus steel?

I mean, I'm sure most people reading this post already know the answer. But let's just cover some bases here for people unfamiliar with PPF.

So the short answer is no. The long answer is that the DYNOdamascus series of films are paint protection films(or PPF) mainly made from Thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU). The basic layout of our PPFs is adhesives, TPU, and the protective top coating. While the TPU layer is important since it is the part that absorbs the scratches and shocks that damage the paint layer, the top coating layer gives it the excellent gloss, hydrophobicity, and self-healing properties that make people fall in love with STEK PPFs. That's the basic construction of our DYNOshield PPF that we build upon to make our pattern and color PPF films. 

A diagram of our DYNOshield PPF. The cap sheet and release liners are removed before installation.

With DYNOdamascus PPF, we engrave the Damascus steel pattern to the layers of the film through some secret methods our R&D team refuses to tell me. Well, even if I knew how, I wouldn't be able to tell you anyways because, you know, NDA and stuff. 

What makes them so special?

Uh, it's literally the only PPF in the world that is made to look like Damascus steel. So that itself makes it fit the literal definition of "Special." 

Screenshot of the Merriam-Webster definition of special with most of the actual definition cribbled out with "DYNOdamascus and DYNOdamascus-black PPF by STEK" as one of the definition

A totally undoctored screenshot of the Merriam-Webster definition of Special.

I know that's not enough to convince people, and most of all, not enough to pass this as something I wrote during working hours to the head of marketing. So let me elaborate. It is not just the fact that swirls resemble them. The patterns are engraved so that every swirl in the film reflects light at a different angle. Honestly, when I first saw it in person, I couldn't get over how it shimmers. Trust me, pictures just don't do justice to how cool it looks. 

One of my coworkers liked it to the point that she wrapped her tube of hand cream with it. 

Even if we expand to the world of film in general, including vinyl wraps, there is no other product that replicates the glimmer of Damascus steel in the way our film does. Some vinyl films have printed patterns, but since the pattern is not engraved, it simply does not have the same intense reflective effect DYNOdamascus film has. 

It frustrates me greatly that I am not good enough at writing to do this film justice. If only I have majored in creative writing back in college... Anyways, if you want to see the film in person, you should hit up your local STEK installer and ask if they carry DYNOdamascus films. 

I'll cap this one off with a really cool DYNOdamascus & DYNOdamascus-black installation by one of our friends Thane Foster-Simeon of Window Tint Plus.

Man, it's so cool. Video credit: envedia_com